Friday, 18 November 2011

Rolls Royce Ghost

The Ghost is till date a beauty to many. The creators of the Ghost were Mr. Rolls and Mr. Royce, themselves. Nobody till date has made any car as beautiful, and as comfortable car as the Ghost.

Ghost is the essence of Rolls-Royce in its simplest, purest form. Every inch delivers on the power of ease.

The V12 engine remains whisper-quiet even when accelerating - Ghost's occupants will only notice the scenery pass at a quicker rate.

Engineered to grip the road at all times, it creates a more dynamic drive and the famous Rolls-Royce 'magic carpet ride' for driver

and passengers.

It's a true Rolls-Royce driving experience - from the authority driving position you get a commanding view along the Silver Satin bonnet,

past the Spirit of Ecstasy to the road ahead.

Inside, Ghost is refined and cosseting. Entering and exiting is both effortless and graceful - the low sill height means you step 'onto' rather than 'into'

Ghost. The unique rear-hinged coach doors open to 83 degrees adding an extra sense of theatre for the rear passengers.

Once inside, you are greeted by a simple yet contemporary interior with large expanses of soft full grain leather, natural wood veneers and

Blenheim wool carpets. The cashmere-blend roof lining adds to the sense of openness and space, enhanced by the optional Panorama sunroof.

It's like being cocooned in your own convivial private sanctuary that leaves you relaxed and unruffled after the longest journey.



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