Rolls-Royce was founded in 1884 when Frederick Henry Royce started a mechanical and electric engineering business. The name Rolls-Royce derives from the two founders Mr. Rolls and Mr. Royce. The first car, the Manchester was rolled out of production in 1904 as the company name The Royce.

In 1908, the company moved their manufacturing plant to Derby and the company was now officially born. The first car made under the name Rolls-Royce was the Silver Ghost.

Only 6,000 of this model were made. Rolls-Royce has a competition with a car with the same class that names itself as Bentley. The competition had started in 1931. Until 2002, the two car manufacturers made similar looking cars and aesthetics. Except for making automobiles, Rolls-Royce also has a business in aircraft engine manufacturing, nuclear power, and much more. 

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